With the announcement of two prominent industry awards, The Network Union is solidifying its place as a premier British Telecom (BT) partner, aiming to change the way international and United Kingdom businesses procure BT services.

Started as a connectivity consultancy group with the goal of disrupting the telecom industry, The Network Union has since become an Authorized Business Partner of British Telecom, specializing in the sale of medium to enterprise-scale wide area network (WAN) solutions, specifically MPLS, VPLS and Ethernet. The Network Union works directly with potential and existing BT clients to design connectivity strategies that meet business-specific requirements and provide maximum value for IT procurement teams. In this way, Network Union has positioned itself at the focal point of telecom industry penetration and market outreach. With the recognition afforded by BT’s 2014 Business Innovation Award and New Partner of the Year accolade, The Network Union is poised to become a leader in niche market connectivity solutions.

“We offer the personalized attention of a boutique firm, backed by the full support and technical backing of one of the global giants in telecommunications,” says mindmap creator and BT IP Clear and BT IP Connect expert, Robert Sturt, founder and director of The Network Union. “We bring end users the customized connectivity solutions they can only get from close interaction with the logistical capabilities and service guarantee only an industry leader like BT can provide.”

The Network Union helps individual clients navigate the dizzying, highly technical field of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint Virtual Private LAN Systems (VPLS) and Multiprotocol Label Switching (MLPS), with a step-by-step business alignment process that determines the ideal value proposition for each customer, be it on a national or global scale. The Network Union consultancy ensures optimized performance and cost-saving models for businesses, taking into account individual goals, budgetary restrictions, and industry-specific demands, and all The Network Union clients can count on the full backing of BT and its massive international customer support and service team.

Where The Network Union is truly innovative, however, is in its own position within the telecom industry.

“The overwhelming pressure in the business world is to innovate, but I find most people misunderstand what that implies. Innovation doesn’t have to mean reinventing the wheel, or creating a whole new industry. There are plenty of overlooked opportunities to add immense value on both ends of the consumer spectrum,” says Sturt, who worked for Verizon before founding The Network Union.

“We looked at the high turnover and often bulky operational structure of the major telecom providers, and saw the need for a dynamic, customer-oriented service that could move quickly and devote individual attention to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales. Working with BT has been a great and mutually beneficial partnership, and the role we serve as an interlocutor has meant more satisfaction and better performance for the client. That’s the power of niche thinking, and in the end, that’s just as radical as any brave new idea.”

The Network Union recently won the 2014 BT Business Innovation Award and New Partner of the Year recognition for the added value its brought to customers and BT sales teams.

The company, says Sturt, is already looking to bring its niche model to Cisco’s technology services. After having established itself as an innovator in the BT global network, The Network Union is poised to change the way enterprise designs connectivity solutions.



The Network Union is a British Telecom (BT) Authorized Business Partner, whose focus is on transforming the sales process by which medium and enterprise-scale organizations procure BT global or UK Wide Area Networks. The Network Union recently won the 2014 BT Business Innovation Award and New Partner of the Year recognition for the added value its brought to customers and BT sales teams.