London, UK – Business networking and matchmaking app Scheduit has revealed a range of new features that include polling and social media sharing; users can also flip through event attendees and information.

The additions are specifically designed to make the experience of business events and conferences more engaging for attendees.

Scheduit is an app that connects professionals together and helps them to network efficiently, organize meetings and build business opportunities. Users ‘announce their presence’ to show when they are available to network, and the app intelligently alerts only compatible users that are nearby. Through the ‘Schedumeter’ users can see if the compatibility is high, in which case they can request a meeting.

Scheduit’s new features make it the first Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) assisted networking app with event engagement features. At an event, users can flip through profiles of fellow attendees, message them and arrange meetings ahead of time. Attendees can also use the app to download materials from exhibitors, vote on polls related to sessions, and share the event on social media. Both users and the event must be registered with Scheduit beforehand.

“At Scheduit, we want to solve the predicament of not being connected with the right people,” says founder and machine learning expert Dr Abdalla Kablan. “Our mission is to use A.I. to help connect compatible people who are ready to work with each other. When such synergies are built, new values are created and great things happen.”

The new features have already been tested extensively at conferences in both the United Kingdom and Malta. Scheduit is built with a machine learning algorithm that learns from user behaviour to suggest more suitable contacts every time. This can help startup founders to meet the right investor, or help an executive to meet a perfect future client. Now, Scheduit is suitable for professionals’ every day lives, and the events they attend.

Networking can help professionals find new opportunities; build valuable relationships; seek advice and assistance, and be positively influenced by new – and more experienced – mentors. In an increasingly digital world, networking still retains value for businesses of all shapes and sizes, with conferences and events offering an excellent opportunity for networking. By incorporating new features for business events, Scheduit is taking advantage of the increasing demand for event management software, which is expected to grow to $9.3 billion by 2020.

“At Scheduit, we believe a meeting can change your life,” Kablan continues. “Traditional social networks are made for cementing the relationships you have; Scheduit helps you build the ones that you need.”


Scheduit, available on iOS, Android and Web, is a networking platform that is aided by artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology. Founded by Dr Abdalla Kablan, Scheduit uses a complex machine learning algorithm to provide accurate networking recommendations. This makes business networking less time consuming and more meaningful.

Name: Dr. Abdalla Kablan (Founder)

Phone: 00356 99943089

Email: [email protected]