Ontario-based FreeFly881 announces the launch of its app for Android phones and tablets, aims to reshape global communication by removing international calling charges on all devices.

Building on its recent iOS App launch last fall, the FreeFly881 team have now developed an app for Android users — individuals and business people alike — that will keep them connected with contacts and clients anywhere in the world, for free.

Driven by its slogan of “One World. One Call.”, the FreeFly881 virtual phone system, which can be applied to smartphones, VoIP phones, and tablets, has created a network that has broken away from the strict parameters of traditional communication companies.

With the release of the FreeFly881 Android app, available January 12, 2015 through Google Play for both phones and tablets (requires Android 4.0 and up), FreeFly881 aims to expand its network and build a community of users who can enjoy the benefits of unlimited free calls.

“The iOS release was our first big step in efforts to create a virtual phone network that is unique and beneficial for everybody who needs to be contacted regardless of the country they are in,” says FreeFly881 Communications Inc.’s CEO Raymond Kwan. “The Android app now adds a new level to the number of people in the ecosystem and the overall reach of the app across the world, especially in countries where iPhones do not have a large market share,” he adds.

The Android app, Kwan adds, will have all the same features as the FreeFly881 iOS version, which includes its availability in over 30 different languages.

For the user, the app interface is simple and easy to use. After downloading, the user only needs to register their phone number, which will be preceded by 881, for the service to be activated.

Once the service is activated users only need an active Internet connection to call other FreeFly881 numbers and VoIP phones. Unlike other calling apps, users of FreeFly881 do not need to add or accept contact requests; they can just open the app and dial.

For business people on holiday or on international business trips, the service can be an invaluable tool as they will be able to make and receive calls from anywhere on their mobile device completely free of charge.

Additionally, FreeFly881 features a global directory that incorporates all registered users of the app. With this tool, individual and business profiles — which can be easily customized — can be searched for by anyone using the app.

For Kwan, the global directory coupled with the new Android app will give businesses an unparalleled international presence, where customers can easily access the desired contact, information about the contact, and website business details.

“Potential clients that are based overseas who don’t have the resources to make calls to a particular business now do not have the barriers of international calling charges imposed on to them because of the FreeFly881 app,” Kwan explains. “The Android app, which complements the biggest smartphone market share in the world, gives businesses that exposure and an opportunity to grow their customer base,” he adds.

By applying the FreeFly881 app to their business and marketing strategy, entrepreneurs can now be contacted by the growing number Android users that, according to research firm IDC, account for nearly 80% of the global market share.

Through a localized communications platform, its Global Phonebook — which is still in its preliminary stages of development — combined with its focus for both consumer and business users, FreeFly881 is set to disrupt the communications industry through its free calling network.