Former VentureBeat writer Conrad Egusa announces the launch of Publicize 2.0, aiming to change the way startups approach PR by reshaping the process and providing an unparalleled, transparent and productized PR solution.

Already highlighted for its fresh outlook on PR by leading publications, Publicize’s new platform is set to complement businesses’ changing views on traditional PR by being at the forefront of the shift.

“Now more than ever companies are rethinking the entire PR sphere, and Publicize has already moved beyond the standard PR process by shifting our client services closer to being a product,” says Founder Conrad Egusa. “This allows us to offer a uniquely consistent and efficient solution that will generate successful media exposure for almost any business, regardless of their industry,” he adds.

Publicize 2.0’s streamlined service and platform, explains Mr. Egusa, allows startups more freedom to approach PR in ways that large, traditional PR companies cannot as they are restricted by standardized parameters.

The new platform includes a completely transparent client experience for their marketing strategy and deployment, where reporters who will be contacted are outlined at the beginning of the month. The platform also includes a journalist database, and a client chat feature for instant communication with Publicize members.

Publicize will also provide Educational PR resources — including webinars from leading media thought leaders — to help startups improve their marketing strategies.

For Mr. Egusa, Publicize’s educational section will ultimately create a hub where thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies can come together to take part in PR’s constant shift.

“Our mission at Publicize is to provide solutions to the startups and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, and to provide a virtual space where a forward-thinking discussion on improving the PR industry can be had,” Mr. Egusa explains. “Historically the PR industry existed for established businesses and often charged prices of $10,000 a month. Yet across the world there are thousands of new companies emerging in technology, music and more that desire to have access to PR but cannot afford these solutions,” Mr. Egusa adds.

Publicize’s PR solutions include a $99 per month Do-it-Yourself solution, a $399 PR Service, and an Enterprise Solution for larger businesses. By providing this range of plans, Publicize aims to be an alternate — yet leading — solution provider in the PR industry.

“When I first began helping friends with PR and speaking to industry insiders, I witnessed an incredible degree of inefficiency. The traditional PR industry provided two basic solutions: firms charging $10K/month or do-it-yourself software, which does not provide additional guidance,” Mr. Egusa says. “I see both solutions as ineffective for startups, the former because of its exorbitant cost, and the latter because it does not solve the problem of limited time that most founders have to learn about PR,” he adds.

Publicize is backed by GITP Ventures, a venture firm founded by Venture Capitalist and entrepreneur Michael Puscar. Says Mr. Puscar, “From an investment perspective, Publicize is exceeding expectations. It’s exciting to see the leadership team’s commitment to iterate and improve what is already a fantastic product offering to their customers.”

Publicize was founded in 2014 by Conrad Egusa, who was formerly a writer for VentureBeat and is currently a Mentor at The Founder Institute.