Seattle, WA Dynotag announces the launch of Protagz, a virtually indestructible property tag that stores user information. The information associated with each tag is stored on Dynotag’s cloud, making it easy to access usage and recovery information about lost equipment.

Protagz are intended to be fastened to large, bulky items that go through demanding environments. The tags are made for those who carry equipment through tough conditions, such as construction workers, trade-show vendors, photographers, and outdoor enthusiasts.  

The resilient tags are almost the size of a postcard and highly visible. They are laminated and are built with two stainless steel loops that thread through a brass grommet. This ensures the tags stay securely attached to large cases and bags. Protagz’s tough nature makes it extremely hard to damage. If equipment goes missing, owners may rest assured the tags will continue to function.

Protagz use the same patented technology as other Dynotag products, and each tag is linked to its own private website. Users are able to manage the tag’s data online and add information that would be impossible to attach to a normal tag, such as word documents, user manuals, or service records. Dynotag provides a one-stop hub to consolidate information related to a user’s physical objects.  There are no batteries, electronics, or subscription needed. Once a tag is purchased, the data is stored in the cloud for life.

Imagine looking into the back seat of your car and realizing you’ve left expensive equipment at a site two hours away. Your heart would definitely skip a few beats before turning around to retrieve it. Having a Protagz secured to the equipment would put your mind at ease. If found before making it back to the site, you would receive a notification saying your tag has been viewed, as well as a geolocation. The person who found the equipment could access the information stored on the tag and give you a call or send a message.

“The addition of Protagz to the Dynotag series makes it so we are supplying the most comprehensive selection of consumer smart tags for a variety of real world needs” said Dynotag CEO Murat Divringi. “We want to form a trusting relationship with our users, so they feel comfortable using Dynotag Smart Tags in all facets of their daily lives.”

Various companies sell luggage tags, but the products are simple and usually only provide space for a name and phone number. Dynotag uses patented technology to provide a comprehensive set of capabilities. The new Protagz product is the only tag designed for demanding professional environments available for less than $20. It comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

About Dynotag

Dynotag provides comprehensive consumer smart tags for a variety of real world needs. Information stored on each tag is also stored on Dynotag’s cloud, which functions as a one-stop hub to find information pertaining to a user’s physical property. Dynotag products are offered through its U.S. and Canadian websites, as well as through Baikush via