SAN FRANCISCO, CA, JANUARY, 2016 – Doculus announces its plans to work with tech giant Microsoft Corp., signifying a milestone in the company’s journey to redefine the document reading and review experience on mobile phones. The partnership enables road warriors like sales and business development professionals with Microsoft Office 365 and Doculus to review documents such as sales contracts and business agreements faster than ever without a need for an Internet-connected computer.

In just five years time, up to half of all business professionals could be working remotely, away from the convenience and comfort of formal office spaces. While there is excitement to the notion of a roaming work-life, a staggering 92% of the workforce says they don’t feel productive when in transit. Clearly, there are still some key challenges that must be addressed before business professionals venture out into the wild, mobile phone in hand.  

Road warriors know the frustrations of working with documents on the road only too well. At the end of the quarter time is of the essence and most of them are out of the office closing deals.  At this time, the ability to review comments and redlines in a sales contract before passing it along to the corporate attorney or client becomes very critical.  With today’s tools you can’t easily scan through comments and redlines, and pinching to zoom leaves you having to scroll line by line, which could take many painful hours.  The reality is, an Internet-connected computer is the only viable option to view the updated sales contract and this is often far from convenient.

With Doculus, you can quickly read, review and reply to documents across multiple formats, including Microsoft Word and PDF. Road warriors can discover content through the automatically created, mobile-optimized table of contents. All parts of a document can now be examined in detail, from the titles to sections and exhibits, tables, images and charts. Tables can be sorted and filtered, allowing for easy extraction of information to zero-in on what’s really important. In addition, the Doculus – Office 365 integration allows you to access all your documents stored in your Office 365 account right inside Doculus along with a streamlined workflow for invoking Microsoft Word for editing.  

“To truly solve the problem of contract reviews on mobile phones, the entire experience needs to be reimagined,” says Rob Howard, Director, Office 365 Ecosystem, Microsoft. “The tool needs to allow for fast review of edits with the ability to jump across sections and exhibits.” Doculus provides such a tool. A variety of apps exist for viewing documents on mobile, but no other app has enabled users to fully delve into sales contracts and business agreements in a way that makes it possible to quickly review lots of comments and redlines across a long – for example a 50 page – document on a mobile phone.

“Doculus has created the next-generation intelligent document reader for road warriors. We have reimagined how documents can be presented on mobile phones. With the power of the integration with Microsoft, we are now fully equipped to bring our tools to the global sales, business development, and corporate attorney audience,” says co-founder and CEO Varun Parmar.

About Doculus

Doculus is focused on dramatically improving the document consumption experience on mobile devices. Its mobile app allows for the fast, yet detailed reading and reviewing of documents, particularly contracts and sales agreements on the go. Doculus was founded by a team of document and cloud collaboration experts and is headquartered in San Francisco, CA.